Thoughts about the presidential election in november 2012 in the USA.

Will Barack Obama become re-elected?

5. cycle: from 9.October 2010 to 8. October 2020 +M/Tiger, xianshen/yongshen, VV<KV,
nobleman of administration, robbing devil (jesha), lonely planet (guchen).

The cycle is and remains favorable (yongshen), but interferences may appear. The idle stem controls his branch and has an unfavorable impact on it.
+M (cycle) combines with –Wo (Month) and alters in metal. This combination will have no impact on the election.
Violation Tiger (cycle) and snake (day): both branches have to do with movement, travel, house moving etc. He gets offers to travel with hidden problems. He should check these before accepting. A trip could violate him mentally. He could also be stuck by  a sickness.
Powerful penalty Tiger and horse: Obama solves all problems fast and courageous, but could create problems in acting too fast and inconsiderately.
Although Obama listens to his advisers he wants to remain autonomous. He dominates the situation, but in the end he lacks the power to change things.

Shanguan sits on zhengguan with yin in the chart. The day master is not controlled but produced. That makes him selfconfident. He will follow his road to success.

The year luck from 4.Febr. 2012 until 3.Febr.2013: +Wa/Dragon, xishen/jishen. Taiji, Kuigang
This year is not favorable, but in a favorable cycle it will become not too bad. There will be hurdles, but he will be able to deal with them.
Break Up of the ox in the year and the tiger (cycle): Obama has too much stress. He is constantly attacked and unhappy. The demon of Kuigang makes him sensitive but also charismatic. He has enough energy to fight for his victory. (Taiji).
Zhencai sits on jiecai. Zhencai is yongshen and jiecai xishen. Both have about the same strength. Obama is  an eloquent speaker, who speaks up for his philosophic, ideologic, or idealistic goals. He thinks and acts social and can impress peolpe. He recognizes new trends first. To maintain his power he takes small risks. He is competitive, ambitious, charismatic, powerful and smart. He wants to win. He has no fear.

There are no serious hurdles to prevent his election, but he looks not like a bright winner.

I just found Mitt Romneys birthdates in the internet. He was born on 12. of March 1947,  9:51 a.m. in Detroit.

Hour        Day         Month          Year
-M            +M          -Wa               -F
snake       tiger        rabit             pig
jiecai       DM          shangguan  zhengguan
piangian  piancai   zhengcai       shangguan
wangshen guchen taohua          Taiji, tianchu guiren
Wenzhang guiren, jiedu guiren
He has a weak and isolated day master. The structure master is wealth with two times piancai.
Yongshen is bijian and jiecai (metal);
xishen: Pian Yin and Zheng Yin (earth)
Jishen: zhenguan and pianguan (fire);
Shishen and Shangguan (water).
Xianshen: jiecai –metal and zhencai and piancai (wood). Yin metal is favorable because it supports the yingshen, but the wood is not usefull and unfavorable.

There are many interactions of earthly branches:
Rabbit (day) and pig (J) break up. He is able to adapt himself in a private relationship.
Half trinity: Rabbit (month) and pig (year) combine and alter in wood. The year branch is altered in wood.
Powerful penalty and violation: snake (hour) und tiger (day): both branches have to do with movement, travel etc. Perhaps he gets an offer to move to Washington. He should examine the offer, because there could be a hidden problem. Obviously his trips to London and Israel were not successful. He should better consider his decisions before he acts too spontaneously.

The actual cycle from 3. Of March 2009 until 2. Of March 2019 (+F/Donkey, jishen/xianshen). The stem controls his branch.
+F (cycle) clashes his weak day master +M and damages it.
Monkey (cycle) clashes the day branch and damages it, too. The day pillar is clased by the cycle. This is a big challenge, which could end badly.

Monkey (cycle) combines with snake (hour) and alters both in water. Xianshen ist altered in jishen. Now the cycle is unfavorable!!!
Pianguan sits on a stronger bijian: He is an extremist, or a very talented, but extravagant  person.
There is a powerful tiande guiren, a yima and a shiganlu in the cycle. He can make a lot of money in this 10 years cycle!

2012 +Wa/dragon GG<SS, jishen/xishen. The branch clashes his stem an this weakens the branch..
Tiger (day), Rabbit (month) und dragon (2012) meet in the spring (east) and alter to wood, which is already very strong. The xishen is altered into xianshen, which is not favorable, because wood produces the unfavorable fire.
+W (2012) and -F (year) combine and alter into wood. Wood is now extremely strong and temporarily jishen.
Dragon (2012) and rabbit (month) injure themself. The injury has o do with the law.  In many cases this injury is connected to incorrect documents. Some people have accused him incorrect tax declarations.

Comments and arguments welcome.

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